2016 Conquering Life Conference

Overcoming Perfectionism and Uncertainty

June 24th and 25th in Downtown Florence, AL

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Keynote Speakers

These women teach, lead and live by example

Ally Fallon

Allison is a writer, speaker, and coach who wants to help you find your voice. She’s worked with hundreds of writers and creatives over the years to help them overcome limiting beliefs and find their way in the world. She founded Find Your Writing Voice specifically for writers to help them discover their unique way for expressing themselves. You can find her book, Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage in bookstores everywhere. She lives in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee.

Sara Lowery

Sara Lowery is a professional speaker and Coordinator of Student Life at Salisbury University. She speaks to audiences about authentic leadership and promoting memorability. Aside from her personal accomplishments and professional endeavors, previous abroad experiences in Ghana, Africa have prepared Sara for speaking with students and supporting them through leadership endeavors in college and beyond. As a speaker, she is doing the two things she loves the most: causing audiences to think critically about their leadership journeys and inspiring people to be their best! Sara lives passionately by two basic philosophies: Anything is possible, and the only way to lead is by example.

Andrea Hunt

Dr. Andrea Hunt joined the faculty at UNA in Fall 2013 and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Family Studies. Dr. Hunt has served on 12 different committees and advisory boards, and conducted over 30 community presentations and workshops since joining the faculty. She was recently asked to deliver workshops for the University of San Francisco and for the American Sociological Society. She has taught early college courses at both Deshler and Sheffield High Schools, and developed a mentoring program between UNA and Florence Middle School. Dr. Hunt is also a Court Appointed Special Advocate for the Shoals area. Her passion and work all center on creating opportunities for positive youth and family development.

Breakout Sessions

  • A Hot Mess:  How Anxiety & Depression in Women Are Overlooked, Over-rationalized and Excused Away By Celeste Coffman

    Women are at higher risk for depression and anxiety than men, yet we often feel obligated to joke about, downplay, or make excuses for these struggles.  We wonder:  isn't this just how it feels to be a woman?  With the cultural standard for women's unwavering perfection - at work, as a mother, as a person - is it any wonder we don't reach for help until we're at a breaking point?  In this session we'll explore ways to approach the uncomfortable feelings of anxiety or "the blues" from a perspective of staying well (not just treating sickness).  We'll also learn the dangerous consequences of leaving these symptoms unchecked.  Finally, we'll examine the very practical strategies for self-help, clinical treatment, and life coaching to conquer depression and anxiety symptoms.  This breakout is for both women who've experienced these issues and for those who simply want to be informed helpers to friends and loved ones.

  • Dealing with Conflict By Dana Hampson

    Conflict can be tough and extremely uncomfortable. Is it easier for you to just avoid it all together? Don't let it stress you out! Dana will be taking us through the positive sides of conflict, how we can use it to be constructive, and how to manage it before it becomes unhealthy. By the time you leave, you'll be ready to face conflict head on!

  • Great Expectations: Developing and Communicating Reasonable Relationship Expectations By Amber Paulk

    Perfect is not only the enemy of good – it is the enemy of good relationships. No person or relationship is perfect, so it is essential that we develop reasonable relationship expectations and explicitly communicate them to our romantic partners. In this workshop, participants will learn: (a) how expectations impact our relationship satisfaction, (b) how to evaluate our expectations and determine if they are reasonable, and (3) how they can discuss and negotiate expectations with their romantic partners.

  • Finding Your Voice By Allison Fallon

    One of the the things I've learned over my 10 years of working with writers is that writing changes people. Even people who have never considered the idea of picking up a pen and recording their story—even people who are totally intimidated by the idea of writing—find it to be a powerful tool to sort through the events and confusion of their life and overcome mental obstacles holding them back. Research proves this to be true, too. Dr. James Pennebakber, a professor and researcher at University of Texas, Austin, has shown a connection between creative writing and improved moods, improved relationships, and even progress in our careers. Indeed, sometimes finding our voice in our lives starts with finding our voices on paper. Join me as I walk you through an activity (yes, a writing activity) that I promise you will love and will help you answer the question: what is my voice and why does it matter to the world?


  • Healthy Living By LeAnne Roach

    Do you ever feel like you've lost control of your health? We have all felt like this from time to time. Let's get together and talk about some ways to regain control. Whether this means just getting started on your journey towards healthy living or you're already on a healthy journey and just want some ideas for different practices. From juicing to exercise to getting really granola, join LeAnne to get some ideas on what is best for you. One step at a time.

  • Bubbles & Rose’- The Wine Kind By Melissa Bain

    All this Conquering Life can really make one thirsty. Join Melissa for a super fun breakout session as you explore the world of wine together! Okay, not the entire world of wine. That would take a lot more time than you have. So this year’s breakout session will focus on “Bubbles: They’re Not All Champagne” and “Rosé: It’s NOT White Zin.” You’ll even talk about how those experts do the whole blind tasting thing. Wine should always be fun and always shared with friends. This breakout session will be both. Cheers!

  • Taming the Wild Mind: An introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness By Sarah Prejeant

    During the workshop, Sarah will give you tips for establishing a daily home meditation practice.  She will guide you through breathing techniques designed to still the fluctuations of the mind. When we quiet all the distractions, resting in stillness, we are able to transform our habitual thought patterns and bring a sense of peace into our lives. She wants to guide you into the healing power of the present moment. Meditation is as easy and difficult as keeping your full attention on the rhythm of your breath. Meditation has been shown to have a host of benefits including: increasing your attention span, helping you sleep better, increasing immune function, and decreasing anxiety.

  • The Great Balancing Act By Holly Walker

    So often we have the best intentions of doing it all and before you know it, our lives feel like a hectic mess. In this workshop, learn to organize your life and calm the chaos while balancing work, life, and fun in a healthy way.

  • Budgeting Worth Talking About By Erin Letson

    Paychecks. Loans. Budgets. These words shouldn’t scare you! Come learn how to create and follow effective budgets, get yourself out of debt, and increase your funds. This workshop is designed to empower you with tools, knowledge, and support as you navigate through your career, home, and financial worlds. It’s time to invest in the best stock: yourself!