What women are saying

Devonda Luehrman

I walked into the first night of the Conquering Life Conference feeling insecure, defeated and exhausted and I walked away at the end of the weekend feeling accepted, courageous, and empowered! The experiences heard, friendships made and laughter shared was transformative and truly healing. I am so grateful to the Conquering Life ladies for their dedication to this life changing conference! I cannot wait until next year!

Carrie, Rachel, Stephanie, Julie and Kristan

We want to thank the unbelievably awesome women who put together this conference. We are changed because of you and what you believe in. We have found the courage to be vulnerable and tell our story.

Olivia Young

I want to especially thank you ladies again for the genius idea of CL. That conference was the impetus I needed to make a long-delayed and very necessary change in my life. I am already seeing the benefits from that change, in both me and my amazing son. I love you all for that! And just for being you.

Jaimee Hannah

Conquering Life opened my eyes to the fact that I was carrying a up, afraid to rock the boat, afraid to be vulnerable and emotional, and afraid to realize my full potential. Through the work-shops and breakout sessions at Conquering Life, I learned how to stop letting fear hold me back. Now I am more confident and assertive, and when that fear tries to creep back in I know how to handle it. I’m thankful for the community of women who are in my life now because of Conquering Life, and I’m a better person knowing that I have their support.